Travel Wall Art Ideas

A paddler in Myanmar poses

If you are a traveler and an art enthusiast, then it’s time to be creative. You want to breathe life into your artwork, and the best place to do that is in your home or apartment.  When you bring guests over, it’s an exciting experience to see them wandering in your home and looking at […]

10 Surprising Facts About Ethiopia

camels in an ethiopian desert

Ethiopia is a landlocked country found in the Horn of Africa. It’s a place that’s rich in history with paleontological evidence suggesting that the first humans have lived there. After all, this is a country that’s filled with many origins. For more captivating images from Ethiopia and other parts of Africa check out Jason Clendenen […]

Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Africa

portrait of an african man with two different colored eyes

Africa’s a vast continent with 54 separate nations, and a total population of 1.2 billion people.  Naturally, with so many different nations, and the large size of the continent itself – it’s no surprise that Africa is home to many languages. This is also because Africa is where humans have lived the longest. Historical surveys […]

Interior Office Design Ideas

Working from home requires quite a bit of focus and productivity driving factors. Whether someone is working full-time from home or work a little bit extra whenever they can from the comfort of their home, there’s one thing everyone needs: a home office.  When designed the right way, a home office can spark productivity, inspiration, […]

The Best Wildlife Photographers to Follow

giraffe's eye

Photography is truly the penultimate artform of the digital age.  To be able to make a picture speak a thousand words is a skill that takes a lot of time and patience, and even more so in the case of wildlife photography. The thrilling life and times of a wildlife photographer is evident from the […]

How to Choose Photos for Your Office Gallery Wall

white office gallery wall

Long gone are the days when office spaces are plain and dull, drowning in dystopic grey or white colors.  The stodgy, utilitarian architecture of the previous decades have now been replaced with the fun, modern office décor of a more colourful era of work. Executives now believe in creating and employing office styles that have […]

8 Powerful Photos That Tell a Story

Photography can be enjoyed simply, but the right composition and lighting can create a powerful narrative or story. Enjoy these 13 portraits, landscape pictures, and nature images to see the world around you from a different perspective. Check out this photographer’s gallery for inspiration. 1. A Mother Made to Nurture and Protect In this photograph, […]

Wildlife Photography: How to Take Great Photos of Animals

Expansive landscapes, vibrant coats of fur, and animals resting in their natural habitat all lend to a visually striking composition. Wildlife photography is a particularly captivating genre because it allows viewers to be transported to a beautiful space they might not otherwise see, whether it’s a wild safari or a glacial spot.  However, it’s these […]

Photographers to Follow on Social Media

There’s a ton of photographers out there, especially on Instagram. It can be an overwhelming endeavor to find the ones that really stand out and are leaders of their craft. We’ve made it easy by picking the top 20 photographers one should follow on social media below: 1. Jason Clendenen Instagram: @jason_clendenen_photography Based in Lagos, […]

8 Best Places To Go In Africa And What To Do There

Over the last two decades, the global travel market has exploded. Travel has become the #1 consumption interest for an entire generation, and the entire world’s hospitality industries have been rewarded for it. Areas once seen as no-go zones like Columbia and Cambodia have in recent years become thriving tourist destinations. Travelers are increasingly stepping […]