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How to Choose Photos for Your Office Gallery Wall

Long gone are the days when office spaces are plain and dull, drowning in dystopic grey or white colors. 

The stodgy, utilitarian architecture of the previous decades have now been replaced with the fun, modern office décor of a more colourful era of work. Executives now believe in creating and employing office styles that have elements such as a photo wall or a gallery wall, thereby completely transforming the look and feel of the current boardrooms worldwide. 

The past was all about having professional offices designed to offer zero distractions to its employees, so that they can solely focus on work. The budget for art or décor to make the space more warm or appealing wasn’t even allowed. 

However, that mentality has changed. 

Today’s fresh way of thinking is that the more pleasant and comfortable an office is, the more productive its occupants. Heck – just look at the ever increasing number of home offices as evidence of the theory of nicer surroundings equating to higher productivity. 

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Choosing Photos for Your Office Gallery Wall

Depending on the design of your workspace, there are different kinds of photos you can choose for your office wall. Whether you hire an interior decorator for it or decide to do it yourself, this space should be like your second home that provides you with joy and enthusiasm to work hard all day. Consider metal wall art over the standard print and frames to spice your office up. Or try an interesting layout as opposed to keeping everything horizontal.

Here are some of the designs to look into for your office gallery wall, and the frames to accompany them:

The Stack

The Stack is when you can have photos piled on top of the other. This is perfect for smaller spaces and little nooks that need something extra. Since photo and frame sizes vary in The Stack, it’s best to opt for a variety of photo types while sticking to a color palette that’s more contemporary, such as pastels. Combine landscapes, selfies, and architectural shots from the same vacation for a visually vibrant gallery wall.

  • If you have a black and silver frame, your first choice can be graphic, high contrast photos. Vivid colors suit these frames due to their monochromatic nature, and the black and silver plays well with the stronger colors. You can also go for black and white photographs, and perhaps add some other colors, too, that complement each other. All black and white photography looks extremely chic and sophisticated. 
  • With a gold frame, photos with green tones such as botanical or landscape images work really well. Family photos can be used with such frames as well, if you want to dedicate a small section to all your family photographs. 

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The Uneven Grid

The Uneven Grid can serve as the gallery wall where you mix eclectic pieces in a clean-lined arrangement. It can be placed above a desk, bar, or narrow dresser for an instant statement piece. You can line these up with Instagram photos since all of the mat openings are square.

  • For frames with dark-colored woods, you can go a little bold and mix up colorful photos with black and white shots. Playful images are yet another option for this one, where you can combine natural as well as industrial style photographs. The woody texture of the frame works wonders with nature photography to give a whole new life to your office gallery wall.
  • Champagne silver frames add the necessary softness to the office ambience. Wedding and engagement photos look stellar with these frames, and you can even try to combine your Instagram photos of plants, landscapes, and your travels. Portraits, too, look supremely flattering with such frames.

The Organic

If your office doesn’t have a gallery wall yet, you can start with The Organic. You can keep adding pieces to this one as you go along, be it vintage or new ones. 

  • Scandinavian modern frames create the best look for this sort of arrangement. You can mix your wedding and honeymoon photos for this one. Travel photographs, be it that of a glorious sunset or just a lovely white-and-blue wall in Greece, is sure to add the serenity you crave.
  • Gold and warm silver frames are the next best choice for this, and family photos, such as those with your kids, grandparents, etc., add the desired warmth to your office gallery wall. Themed images can also be worked in with such frames, including wedding photos or travel photography.

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The Triptych

For those of you who want an elaborate setup for your office gallery wall, The Triptych is the one you should go for. As it is 76” wide, this category of gallery wall looks superb above a sofa or down a long hallway.

There are three photos in The Triptych that are printed at a large size of 11×14”. Therefore, make sure you pick high resolution photos. This layout style would also look beautiful as metal wall art!

  • Clean black frames match really well with The Triptych style, and even more so when combined with black and white travel photographs. Since this is an artsy, classy way of displaying your photos, professional photographs look even more eye-grabbing on it.
  • The Triptych also gels well with antique gold frames. Green and gold can be combined here, too. It can also work as an offbeat and tasteful alternative to a salon style gallery wall of wedding photos. Clean, simple photos, too, will sync well with this kind. 

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The Half Wall Grid

The Half Wall Grid is a popular choice for showing off your favorite small photos. It’s designed for 5” x 7” photos and offered in classic antiqued gold or black with gold details. This set of nine 18” x 18” frames will create a major statement above your favorite couch in the office space.

  • Black frames with gold details can be used for the Half Wall Grid, using which you can choose to display both old family photos as well as classy architectural shots.
  • The Half Wall Grid can be decorated with antique gold frames as well. You’re free to combine any sort of photos with this style. Playful, modern photos are some of the most unique options to lend to your office wall for this frame.

The Floor to Ceiling Grid

The Floor to Ceiling Grid is one of the most popular choices to arrange your office gallery wall. As it requires 105” of vertical space, you need to have tall walls for this arrangement to work. Do remember to factor in any floor and crown molding when you measure. 

  • You can never go wrong with a modern white frame for a Floor to Ceiling Grid. Pair it up with black and white photographs or creative, artistic photos, and you’ve got yourself a clear winner. This wall can also be dedicated to your most loved family photos.
  • A champagne silver frame is bound to look equally stunning for this grid. While family portraits and monochrome photos look good with this frame as well, you can also go for photographs from your recent trips.

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When choosing the photos for your office gallery wall, it’s imperative to keep the color scheme in mind. Nature color palettes and wildlife photography sync really well with calm and peaceful tones one is likely to go for. For example, the warm yellow, orange, and brown hues of the African Desert color palette will lend just the right amount of vibrancy and classy tones that an office space requires. 

So, gather the photos from some of the most pivotal or fun moments of your life, and let your office gallery wall make your place of work fun and dynamic. Good luck!

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