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Interior Office Design Ideas

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Working from home requires quite a bit of focus and productivity driving factors.

Whether someone is working full-time from home or work a little bit extra whenever they can from the comfort of their home, there’s one thing everyone needs: a home office. 

When designed the right way, a home office can spark productivity, inspiration, and a vigor for getting work done. 

A home has countless distractions and a home office can serve as a productive escape from the chaos while playing a big role in how work gets done within that space.

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Here are some trendy interior design ideas that will make any home office a mecca of productivity and hard work.

Choose the right color

Choosing the right color plays a big role in any workspace. For a traditional office, an employee has to deal with whatever color the office is, whether an industrial grey or an office beige, they don’t really get a say. However, for a home office, the homeowner is in complete control. 

Whether someone is working 40+ hrs in it or just one hour here and there, choose the color that encourages happiness, productivity and ideally is a color that one really loves. Sky’s the limit, so experiment with interesting hues and vibrant contrasts – a creative space is a productive one. 

Stick to a theme

desert with sand dunes and tree

Designing a home office can be a tricky process, but it doesn’t have to be. Before moving ahead with any plan, it is important to figure out a theme. Whether it is millenial chic, industrial, rustic, minimalistic or luxe. Figuring out a theme will help with further planning, such as decor, photos, layout, etc. 

A theme is also an extension of one’s personality. Using a theme in a home office makes for a pleasant work environment because of all the thought, love and hard work that has gone into designing the space.

Make room for light

pastel home office design

No one likes to work in an isolated and dark space. No amount of artificial lighting can replace the power of natural lighting. While designing a home office, make room for ample natural light to come in during the day in a non-intrusive way. 

Selecting the right layout of the desk and cabinets along with window placement is a good starting point to ensure that the home office is lit up naturally and in an abundant manner.

It’s no surprise that ample natural lighting will improve productivity and happiness while working, so including this factor is important when designing a home office.

Seek inspiration

giraffe eye close up

Working often tends to get monotonous and uninspiring. Use the space in a home office to stay inspired while working.

Incorporate metal wall hangings and mount wildlife photography as a display to liven up an empty wall and to use it as momentary inspiration perfect for diving back into work with a fresh and focused mind.

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Add greenery

plant next to desktop

It is a known fact that greenery is beneficial to human health and psyche. Incorporating plants and greenery into a home office space is a great way to not only add freshness to one’s life but also to liven up any space. A tall plant in a corner or even an easy to maintain succulent is more than enough. 

Of course, if one wants to go all out, they can. Plants are great air filters and add to a home office’s design aesthetic.

Get organized

minimalist home office

No one likes a messy workspace. While designing a home office, keep the workflow in mind. Create cabinets and drawers that serve both form and function. Figuring out one’s organizational needs while designing a home office space is crucial. 

One can use a home office as a mini-library or as added storage space, provided it doesn’t affect workplace productivity. Organization methods depend completely on the way one prefers to work.

Some people are stackers, they like having paperwork in front of them, in this case, it is best to get a basket for all paperwork. If someone prefers a cleaner workspace, dedicate a drawer or two that will act as a go-to point for all regular paperwork.

Use the right view

There’s more to one’s view besides a laptop or a computer monitor. In a home office environment, most people are either looking at a blank wall or a window, which can be either extremely uninspiring or highly distracting.

Consider replacing the view of a blank wall with a photograph, for example, the stunning yet muted imagery of wildlife photography can act as a great background for anyone’s work view.

Having the right view, even if it is one’s peripheral vision makes a lot of difference, especially in a home office setting.

It can also act as a re-energizing factor as humans need a break from the monotony of staring at a computer screen for long periods of time and more often than not the alternative is a blank wall. Use this as an opportunity to add vibrancy and beauty to the home office design.

Select the right location

blue interior home office space

People spend a lot of time in their home office, and in such cases, location is key. Office locations should be decided based on one’s comfort level, space availability and the flow of the house.

For people who like to work in peace, having a home office where there’s regular disturbance is not an ideal situation. Similarly, spending 8 hours a day squished between walls will not do wonders for work productivity.

Always consider and reconsider home and work scenarios before settling on the right location for a home office. If the home office will also serve as a space for meetings, it is best to keep it in a secluded and quiet corner of the house rather than a transitional area.

Use the right partition

If there’s space crunch in a house, a partition is an ideal solution to separate home and office spaces.

If one is okay with an open space arrangement, it is recommended to use a low partition or space divider but if one is aiming for complete seclusion, a partition wall can be non-intrusive while differentiating one space from another. 

Spruce it up

purple ambiance with apple desktop

The whole point of a home office is to seamlessly bring together the comfort of a home with the productivity of an office space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the decor.

Using knick-knacks, colorful office accessories, family memorabilia, etc. is a great way to add a homey touch to any home office.

Making room for such design elements is important while designing a home office space.

One can even incorporate these into the structure of a home office with a dedicated cabinet or space that will add a warm sense of familiarity and comfort in any workspace.

Make room for technology

There is no way one can hide bulky printers or computers, but there is a way to incorporate them into the design of the home office. Wall-mounted monitors save a ton of space that can be used for other purposes.

Hiding ugly and intrusive wires by making space for them in the furniture or storage is a minimalistic approach to incorporate technology into design.

Using cord covers or wire trays are also convenient and easy methods to incorporate technology without making any big structural change in a home office. 

Create a sense of focus

Last but not least, creating a focal point in a space is key to designing a functional home office space. Using space planning to create a smooth flow in a home office space is key to getting work done in an efficient manner. 

Centering the layout of a home office around a desk is a great way to start. Figure out things that are required the most during a normal workday and keep those things within reach but out of sight, and accentuating the focal point (aka desk) with a rug brings all the attention to that particular space.

Small details like these are what make home office highly productive and efficient work environments.


Whether a home office is for working full time or to get some prep in before the next work week begins, the home office design has to be stylish, productive and an environment that has been created with an individualistic approach.

It is the inclusion of elements such as a photograph, personal memorabilia, the right theme, etc. that make a home office design stand out and be distinguishable from the rest of the house.

Keeping all the above points in mind while designing a home office will make working out of it a pleasant and productive experience.

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