Photographers to Follow on Social Media

There’s a ton of photographers out there, especially on Instagram. It can be an overwhelming endeavor to find the ones that really stand out and are leaders of their craft.

We’ve made it easy by picking the top 20 photographers one should follow on social media below:

1. Jason Clendenen

Instagram: @jason_clendenen_photography

Based in Lagos, Nigeria. Jason’s portfolio boasts some amazing shots of the wildlife in the African continent as well as the intricacies of life there. With a knack for capturing life at its perfect moments, it’s a treat to scroll through Jason’s Instagram and view some of his candid life shots.

2. Bryan Peterson

Instagram: @bryanfpeterson

With over 35 years of experience, Bryan is an award-winning photographer and founder of the popular online photography school He’s written best-selling books on the craft, and his school of work lives up to the accolades he has earned. 

3. Eric Lafforgue

Instagram: @ericlafforgue

With a CV spanning National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and the Times – Eric is an exceptional photographer that’s gone on to win many industry accolades. Popular for his venture into photographic North Korea, Eric’s Instagram feed boasts his travel to many remote places to capture the way of life there. 

4. David Yarrow

Instagram: @davidyarrow

Scottish David Yarrow is known for his black and white captures of nature. Whether it’s landscapes, animals, or people. This ex-hedge fund manager turned photographer now travels the world capturing rare wildlife such as Siberian tigers or African gorillas. He’s a three-time author of books that capture this journey and advocate conservation of the planet. 

5. William Yu


Californian William Yu is the go-to photographer if one’s looking for an exceptionally scenic and landscape shots. His portfolio boasts exotic locations around the world, and William even offers photography courses for others to learn the craft. William’s gone on to shoot for world-class brands such as Google, American Airlines, and Accenture. 

6. Art Wolfe

Instagram: @artwolfe

Art Wolfe is a world-renowned photographer who’s traveled to every edge of the earth to capture its brilliance. He’s best known for his stunning wildlife and native culture shots. A multi-faceted photographer, he’s an advocate of environmental conservation. He tries to capture nature’s beauty to help spread the message of what may be lost one day if we don’t take care of our planet. 

7. Simone Bramante

Instagram: @brahmino

Simone is first a storyteller, then a photographer. That’s at least how he views himself. His photos help tell a story about a person, place, or event. He travels the world and tries to capture the essence of each place he visits in his shots. Many of which feature a landscape scene contrasted by a singular subject of focus. 

8. Daniel Kordan

Instagram: @danielkordan

Daniel Kordan’s photography specializes in nature and humanity. He is a world traveler, documenting our world from Italy to China. Most of his shots are landscapes; beautiful grasslands and forests, high mountains and lakes. 

9. Frans Lanting

Instagram: @franslanting

Frans Lanting is an award winning world renowned photographer, author, and speaker. His work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic and has spoken in TED Talks. Frans’ specialty is wildlife; he has traveled the world, bringing its life to viewers with the click of the camera.

10. Chip Phillips

Instagram: @chipphillipsphoto

Chip Phillips is landscape photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic. He is also the founder of photocascadia, a group of some of the best landscape photographers in the Pacific Northwest. His instagram is filled with beautiful works, usually scenes with mountains as the main focus, or serving as a grand background.

11. Mads Peter Iversen

Instagram: @madspeteriversen_photography

Mads’ is a photographer whose fantasy inspired work captures the majestic and magical power of nature. He specializes in landscape shots, featuring the beauty of the north, such as Iceland and Denmark. You will see many aurora shots, the earth connecting with the sky and the heavens above.

12. Lee Jeffries

Instagram: @lee_jeffries

Lee Jeffries is a self-taught photographer whose life mission is to raise awareness for the homeless through the power of the camera. His instagram is filled with pictures of the homeless from areas in London. Lee brings out their humanity and reminds us all that we all are worth dignity.

13. Adam Senatori

Instagram: @adamsenatori

Adam focuses on stunning aerial shots. As a pilot, it’s no surprise this is his niche, and as a result, his feed became a pioneer in what’s known as drone photography today. With a keen eye for symmetry and unique landscape patterns, his aerial shots lead the pack due to its uniqueness. 

14. Ryan Dyar

Instagram: @ryandyar

An American photographer, Ryan’s specialty is nature. He has traveled around the United States, his work capturing the beauty of California, Utah, and beyond. Ryan’s work varies, from flower beds and grassy lands, to green forests and waterfalls. He brings the beauty of America to you.

15. Marsel van Oosten

Instagram: @marselvanoosten

Marsel is a world traveling wildlife photographer. His work features African classics such as lions and elephants, japanese snow monkeys, and the ever adorable panda. You can see these creatures for yourself by joining his nature tours at

16. Giovanna Aryafara

Instagram: @giovannaphotography

Giovanna is an Australian photographer living in Bali whose speciality is in human cultures from around the world. Her work has featured tribe women from Ethiopia, Buddhst monks in Angkor Wat, and Hindus in India. Giovanna shows you a diverse range of people in cultures that are as old as time itself.

17. Chris Burkard

Instagram: @chrisburkard

Chris Burkard has long been known for his gorgeous landscapes. A pioneer of Instagram travel photography he’s known to release some shots that defy reality. Burkard uses some great presets to accentuate his shots and is worth following if scenic captures are one’s interests.

18. Max Rive

Instagram: @maxrivephotography

Max is a Dutch landscape photographer whose specialty is mountain landscapes. An avid hiker and traveler, Max has always loved the majesty of mountains. His instagram is riddled with shots of these stone behemoths touching the sky. From Norway to China, he gives a diverse array of mountainscapes that will bring out your wanderlust.

19. Paul Nicklen

Instagram: @paulnicklen

Paul is another National Geographic photographer that makes this list. Yes, they seem to be very talented! Paul’s shots focus on capturing the wildest side of nature, and his skill is in freezing in time when wildlife is at its fiercest. If one’s into underwater photography, then Paul’s account is a good one to follow. 

20. Marc Adamus

Instagram: @marcadamus

Marc is a landscape photographer based in Western North America. His specialty is capturing light; the way it interacts with the landscapes to produce ethereal images. Marc has traveled the world to capture these fleeting moments. A testament to his work are the clients that have commissioned him; such as Apple, Toshiba, and Blackberry 

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