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8 Powerful Photos That Tell a Story

Photography can be enjoyed simply, but the right composition and lighting can create a powerful narrative or story. Enjoy these 13 portraits, landscape pictures, and nature images to see the world around you from a different perspective. Check out this photographer’s gallery for inspiration.

1. A Mother Made to Nurture and Protect

In this photograph, you have a Mursi mother and her baby in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. She carries a weapon to defend herself and her child from dangers; whether they are humans or beasts.

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2. Karo Girl at School

This photograph shows a Young Karo girl inside a schoolhouse in the Omo Valley of Ethiopia. The contrast is stark; the traditional dress of her culture, juxtaposed with a modern chalkboard.\

2. A Scorched African Wilderness

This is a photograph of the landscape of Dinosaur National Monument in Utah with smoke from wildfires in the sky (look up last years wildfires across the US). Just imagine, millions of years ago, this place was teeming with dinosaurs. Now, only echoes remain of their presence.

2. Rice Farmer Hard at work

This depicts a farmer raking rice husks in Myanmar. It’s amazing how with the right shot, you can turn something mundane into something beautiful.

3. Hope Finds a Young Monk

Here we see a young monk praying in Myanmar. The contrast between himself and the wall behind him creates an interesting illusion. As if he is part of a pond or in the clouds, reaching enlightenment.

4. Working on an African Tea Farm

Here we see a woman working on a tea farm outside of Nairobi. Her work satiates the desires of tea drinkers around the world.

5. A Lion Seeks His Pre

In this photograph, you see prey watching a predator in Etosha National Park, Namibia. These zebra must always be vigilant when lions are nearby. You never know when they might attempt a kill.

6. Once a Bedroom Now a Sand Dune

This picture shows the inside of a building in Kolmanskop Namibia. This is an abandoned mining town that has been reclaimed by the desert. It’s always an amazing sight, how easily and swiftly nature takes back its territory

7. A Classroom in Ethiopia

Here we see a young girl inside a schoolhouse in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. She sits strong and attentive. Although her school has very little supplies but she will take every opportunity she has to better her life and that of her community.

8. An Ethiopian Fisherman Makes a Living

This picture depicts a fisherman, comfortably balanced on a wooden raft in the middle of Chamo Lake in Southern Ethiopia. Though humanity has advanced, there are still people who make their livelihood in the same fashion that their ancestors did.

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