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Travel Wall Art Ideas

If you are a traveler and an art enthusiast, then it’s time to be creative. You want to breathe life into your artwork, and the best place to do that is in your home or apartment. 

When you bring guests over, it’s an exciting experience to see them wandering in your home and looking at all the travel wall artwork on the walls or hanging on the ceiling. 

The idea is to bring the culture you have absorbed from your travels, all the way back home. This is a beautiful way to share what you have experienced with your loved ones.

Fortunately, we have some creative ways to help you bring your travel wall art idea to life.

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Professional Wildlife Photography

Myanmar by Jason Clendenen

Whether printed yourself or bought ready-to-hand, these photos will inspire anyone to get out and absorb the world’s untamed beauty.  

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Travel Destination Map

We all have a bucket list of where we want to travel. Why not showcase your desire for yourself and your guests. You can put a map of the world on the wall with lights or decorative pin showcasing your dream destination. 

Whenever your guests arrive for the party, they can ask you why you pinpointed these locations. That can lead to hours of conversation describing your hopes, dreams, and journeys.

Souvenir Shadow Box

Whenever you go to an exciting place, it’s normal to take home a souvenir. Instead of keeping it locked away, why not display it in a shadow box. 

You can have a wooden frame and glass encasing all the souvenirs. This is an exciting idea because your guests can observe all the fantastic locations that you have visited.

Polaroid Photo Display

Nowadays, people use the iPhone to capture their memories. However, if you love the unique nostalgia that comes with film photography, then take out that polaroid and record your unforgettable travel memories. 

Bring those pictures home, connect them with string, and display it on the wall. Your friends and family will be impressed with the simple, yet adventurous ideas that can take them to a journey that they will never forget.

Photo Frame and Map Web Display

Whenever you watch a detective movie or show, they always have a detailed web that links suspects on the wall. It’s very creative and elaborate. 

You can take this innovative idea and make it into a travel wall art. All you have to do is have a massive map on the wall, and have a string connecting each location to a picture that you have taken there.

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Light Up Globe

The globe is a great way to educate people about geography. However, it can also be a work of art. Grab a globe and put some impressive lights or color pins to indicate where you want to travel on your next adventure.

Then get a rope and tie it at the end so you can hang it on the wall. 

This might be a creative disco ball idea if you ever throw a 70s night party.

Sand Jar

Sand Jar is very simple and meaningful. All you have to do is bring a bunch of tiny jars to your travel adventure. Whenever you go to the beach, grab some sand, and label the location and date. This can easily tell a story of where you have been and the type of beaches that you enjoy. 

Because various places have different colors and shades of sand, it can help create a masterpiece. So just imagine if you were to bring home twenty small jars with sands from different places and incorporate them in a room close together. You will get an exciting shade of colors and variety that adds a sense of endearment and nostalgia to your home.

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Framed Foreign Coin

Coins from different parts of the world are rich in history. They also come in various colors and sizes. It’s phenomenal to gather these currencies throughout your travel and put them together in a massive frame.

It’s an inspiring travel art idea that can showcase where you have traveled and the types of currencies they have. This is your chance to share your knowledge of how these currencies compared to the US, so people would know if it’s worth living there or not.

“Travel” Wall Sign

This art piece involves some creative juice to it. Grab a board and cut it into a big sign that spells “travel.” Then print out various parts of the map and paste it there. If you have an empty space or wall in your room, this would be a kind artwork to hang up.

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Mini Photo Clipboard

Everyone uses frames to show their travel photo, why not try something unique and vintage to share your adventure. 

You can use photo clipboards to hold your photos and post them on the wall. It’s easy to install and more affordable than regular picture frames. The worst part about frames is that it can fall off and break. 

Glasses would be everywhere, and someone might step on it. Fortunately, with a mini photo clipboard, it’s a safer and more decorative option. If it falls off the wall, just hang it back up and enjoy the artwork.

Framed Heart Map

This is perfect for Valentine’s day, not only for home decorations but also a gift. You can cut out different parts of the world in heart shape and encase it in a frame. Definitely do that for all your favorite locations to showcase your love and passion for traveling.

Vintage Suitcase Stack table

Found an old suitcase, and it’s too cool to pass? All you have to do is to put the biggest vintage suitcase on the bottom, a smaller one on top of it, and the smallest suitcase above that. This will create a pyramid shape table to place a plant and a globe. With this creative setup, you can share your love for traveling with your friends and family.

Map and Scrabble Letters

Grab a small picture of the map, and place it in a shadow box. Then get your favorite scrabble letters and spell out “Let’s Get Lost.” Place that in the shadow box, and watch your guests smile and wink. This is a creative home decoration for all scrabble players that got struck hard with the travel bug.

Travel Themed Art Gallery

This gives you the option to be more creative. The first thing is to find an empty wall and place photos and items of your travels. You can bring a small table to place souvenirs or globes that represent where you have been. This is an excellent conversation starter and a great way to be innovative.

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Souvenir Magnets

Magnets are the most common gifts in the souvenir shop. This is an affordable piece of memory to purchase after every vacation and adventure.

 Once you gather all your magnets, You can hang a metal board on the wall to put all your souvenir magnets. The great part about these magnets is that they always have some funny comments or design that represents the travel location. It would be something entertaining for your friends and family to look at while you are preparing the meal or entertainment for the guests. 

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State Photo USA Map

You can have the USA map on the wall, but only post pictures on particular states that you have visited. This is an excellent way to share where you have traveled and stayed. It’s also a great conversation starter and getting to know the guests. Who knows, a friend or family member might have visited or lived there, something you guys may have in common.

Souvenir Postcard

Everyone loves postcards and flowers, so why not create a postcard flower. This is a fun and straightforward way to share your travel destination with your friends and family. 

All you have to do is bring a pot and fill it with soil. Then have postcards with your travel destination pasted on a straw, and plant the straw on the pot. If you want to get even more creative, you can add some fake leaves to make it appear like a flower or plant.

Final Note

Traveling is a fantastic adventure, but what’s even better is being able to share it with your loved ones. Plus, your travel adventure can help you decorate your house. Why not spice up your living situation with these beautiful travel wall art ideas.

 It’s an opportunity to fill up that empty space with something vibrant and exciting. It will show your guests how well-cultured and phenomenal your life is.

 Say goodbye to Instagram, and hello to a beautiful, creative, and adventurous decor that will leave your loved one craving for more. 

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